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The Cast
and other Credits

Adam Brake played by the well-known actor Gareth Thomas who went on after Children of the Stones to take the leading role of Roj Blake in the popular SF television series Blakes 7. He continues to appear on television to this day.

Raphael Hendrick played by the established actor Iain Cuthbertson who has appeared on television since Budgie in the 1960s, Charles Endell Esquire and continues to appear in such programmes as Rab C Nesbitt to this day.

Sandra Smythe played by Katharine Levy Also starred as an adult in an episode of HTV's Robin of Sherwood television series in the 1980s.

Margaret Smythe played by Veronica Strong. No other acting roles known.

Matthew Brake played by Peter Demin.
In 1968 he appeared as one of the many children used in Oliver with Jack Wilde? From 1968 to 1974 Peter appeared in more than 40 commercials including 7 curlywurly adverts with Terry Scott,and live BBC shows such as Get some In, the Good life, and the Tommy Cooper Show. From 1974 to 1978 he also appeared in the stage shows Joseph with Tim Curry/ Carry on London with Sid James and Barbara Windsor and the carry on crew / Babes in the wood with Peter Buterworth/ and toured canada as pip in Great Expectations with John Mills and Lesley Anne Down. Peter also appeared in a Childrens Foundation Film as Robin Hood,The Unbroken Arrow the follow up to Keith Chegwins Robin Hood film.

The Full Credits
As they appear at the end of the show

HendrickIain Cuthbertson
AdamGareth Thomas
DaiFreddie Jones
MargaretVeronica Strong
Mrs. CrabtreeRuth Dunning
MatthewPeter Demin
SandraKatharine Levy
KevinDarren Hatch
JimmoGary Lock
Dr. LyleRichard Matthews
Miss CleggJune Barrie
BrowningHubert Tucker
Technical AdvisorDr. Peter Williams
Film CamerasBob Edwards
Brian Morgan
Filmed atAvebury, Wiltshire
Film SoundMike Davey
John Cross
Film EditorAdrian Brenard
DesignerKen Jones
Music Composed bySydney Sager
Executive ProducerPatrick Dromgoole
Produced and
Directed by
Peter Graham Scott