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BBC Radio 4 'Children of the Stones'

In August 2012, I was approached by a BBC Radio 4 Producer, Stephen Garner, who was producing a show about Children of the Stones to be presented by Stewart Lee and recorded at Avebury stone circle, the setting for the series.

I was reluctant at first, but I soon realised this was a chance of a lifetime.

So on September 12th, I made my way down to meet Stewart Lee and the producer Stephen at a coffee shop in Paddington Station in London. Also meeting us there was Katharine Levy, who played Sandra in the show. After a chat and a coffee, we made our way to the train to Pewsey, the nearest station to Avebury.

When we arrived, the BBC had a car pick us up and take us to Avebury where we met the other interviewees, long time COTS page contributor and druid Matthew Holbrook. Stewart took Katharine Levy out into the circle for her interview, then it was my turn - we discussed the impact the show had on my interests, and about the morality of Hendrick, the main villain. I felt I sounded like a berk, but it seemed to go well.

After lunch, Matthew was interviewed, and 80s pop singer and now expert on all things neolithic, Julian Cope, turned up at the cafe and was taken out to be interviewed by Stewart. Not to give too much away, but his opinions about the show were definitely unexpected!

While those interviews were going on, Katharine Levy showed us her personal photo album from the times she was on set with Children of the Stones, and the show Follow Me, which was around the same time. There were lots of candid shots of cast and crew. I wished I could have copies of some of them, but these were personal memories and I felt very privileged to have seen them at all.

All in all, a wonderful day, and after the show has aired I hope to be able to put some photos of the day on here.