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Screen Captures

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The HTV ident logo shown before each episode
The title of the opening credits
Adam and Matthew Brake arrive in Milbury
... suddenly there is stone in front of their car!
But after a moment, they see it's only Mrs Crabtree
The Brakes soon settle into the cottage
Hendrick introduces himself
Bob takes Matt out for a bike ride
Dai the old poacher spies on them
Bob buys them ice-cream from his mother's shop
Matthew meets Sandra in the shop
Adam meets the museum curator Margaret
Kevin pulls the rug from under Matt at school
Margaret explains to Adam about leylines
Kevin thumps Bob at school
Margaret asks Adam to touch one of the stones
Adam experiences a shock when he does
Matthew angry at Dai after his bike crash
Dai warns Matthew about the village
Adam and Matt begin their research
Matt leaves a message for Dai
Dai warns Matt that they will never leave Milbury
'Quod Non Est' - the painting
Dr Lyle tends to Matt's injuries
Dai explains to the kids about the village
Jimmo has suddenly become like the others
Discussions about the Happy Day people
Matt has a strange vision with the doctor's gloves
Hendrick keeps the abandoned church locked
Adam and Margaret question Hendrick
Dai makes his supper in the Sanctuary
Dai foretells the winged serpent
The children pay Dai a visit at the barrow
Dr Lyle has become a happy one
Dai's body is gone, and a stone is there
Kevin is one of the happy ones
Sandra finds a postcard of the church font
Dai is dead on the bottom of the henge
Adam goes to Highfield House to phone for help
Hendrick is convinced Dai is not dead
Matt has another vision with the amulet
Margaret and Sandra invited to Highfield House
Hendrick has the girls trapped
Hendrick begins his ancient ritual
Margaret is blinded by the light
Sandra in terror at the light
Matt cannot detect the girls any more
The girls join the circle of villagers
Later, Margaret tells Adam she is happy
Adam is devastated she has become like them
Matt breaks into the church and finds the computer
After trying to escape, they find themselves back
They come up with a way to escape
Adam feeds extra pulses to the digital clocks
Adam is unimpressed by Hendrick's throne
Still safe, Hendrick dismisses them
They head out to join the circle of villagers
Hendrick is surprised by the supernova
Hendrick transformed into an ancient priest
Next morning, Milbury looks as it always has