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James McGowan

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11 Dec 1995

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12 Dec 1999

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2 Sep 2008

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2 Sep 2012

Read how this page was lost and rediscovered!

New Stuff

New Stuff
I've left the existing content as it was ten years ago, and any new content I want to add to the site will be found here on this page.

Stewart Lee's BBC Radio 4 Show
On September 12th 2012, I was invited to take part in a BBC Radio 4 retrospective on the show presented by the comedian Stewart Lee, along with star Katharine Levy, recorded in the stone circle of Avebury. The show is due to be broadcast on 4th October 2012.

The History of This Website
From its original inception, through to various site moves, until its sad disappearance in 1999, the missing years, and the resurrection in 2008! This is the true story!

The Peter Demin Emails
In 1998, the real Peter Demin emailed me to update his info on the page, and I saved these emails and now present them here!

COTS video clips
There's not much out there, but I've looked over the usual video sources, and here's what I found!

Screen Capture Image Gallery
A bit fuzzy, but many screen captures of the show.