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Episode 1 : Into the Circle
Episode 2 : Circle of Fear
Episode 3 : Serpent In The Circle
Episode 4 : Narrowing Circle
Episode 5 : Charmed Circle
Episode 6 : Squaring The Circle
Episode 7 : Full Circle

Episode 7 - "Full Circle"

Sandra remarks to her mother that the schoolwork has become so easy. Mrs Crabtree arrives, and they wish each other happy day. She has news that Professor Brake and his son are to be received that evening. Sandra remarks that the two must have been feeling so alone.

Back at Hendrick's house, Matt and Adam go over what they know about the circle so far. Matt remarks that maybe the black hole is turning the villagers into Happy Dayers. Adam thinks maybe Hendrick is using it to extract something, man's ability to think for himself, the thing that makes him human.

Matt reckons that Hendrick would still need split second timing to predict when the black hole was going to be over the house. The digital clocks? They must be driven by a master signal, maybe they could feed in more pulses and get Hendrick to process them before the black hole is actually in position - they would gain time.

They find the feed for the clocks, and Adam wonders where their luggage is with all the equipment. Luckily it has been brought into the house, and they manage to get it into the room. Adam taps into the digital clock source and connects a signal generator to it. He asks Matt to cacluate what frequency of pulses would have to be fed in to gain about 5 minutes before dinner. They set up the equipment and hide it behind a chair - the clock ticks perceptibly faster.

Outside, Sandra and Margaret join the ring of chanting people outside the house. Looking out the window, Adam and Matt see them. Matt suddenly realises that they have got it all wrong. It's the other way up. The energy, whatever it is, doesn't start at the black hole. It's transmistted from the circle upwards. Adam wonders where the energy could come from for such a transmission, and Matt reminds him of the ley-lines bringing psychic energy. Link arrives announcing dinner is served.

They arrive in the dining room at the top of the house. Hendrick bids them to sit and eat. Outside, the people are chanting. Adams asks Hendrick what they are celebrating. As he is explaining, he notices that time has moved on quicker than he thought, and begins the ceremony at once.

'Anger the fire, fire of speech, breath of knowledge, render us free from harm, return to us the innocence that once we knew, complete the circle, make us at one with nature and the elements. It is time'

A hole opens in the ceiling, and Matt and Adam look at each other nervously. Had they given themselves enough time? After a short time, Hendrick's chair turns round again. Link relights the candles in the room which had been blown out by the wind. Hendrick tells them to arise, and tells them they have no more guilt, they are free. Adam and Matt wink at each other, unseen by Hendrick. 'Are you happy?' Hendrick asks. 'So happy' they reply. He tells them to go outside and join the circle.

Once outside, Adam touches Margaret's hand, and the spell over the people is broken, they all awake from their trances. Link runs up to Hendrick and tells him that the circle is broken, his protection is gone. Suddenly the beam of light rips out of the table. Hedrick is wracked with pain and is transformed into a bearded ancient priest...

Outside, anyone who looks at the light coming from the house turns to stone. Adam shouts at Matt to get Sandra, and not to look. Margaret and Sandra have both looked, and they both become pertified. Adam and Matt run from the village and up to the Sanctaury. They stay there all night.

Next morning, Matt and Adam wake up in the Sanctaury to find Dai sharpening knives. It's not quite the same Dai as before, something is different. He doesn't know who they are, and tells them to get out.

They go down to the village, and at the museum, Ms Crabtree and Maragret are pleased to see them. Margaret is strangely different. She asks if they are still determined to leave. Adam says 'if we can'. They shake hands, and say goodbye. Outside the cottage they find the car, undamaged, with luggage in the back. They get in and drive off.

As they approach the edge of the circle the stones appear to loom close to them. They cross the edge of the circle with a great sigh of relief. Safey outside the circle they stop the car and lopk back. Did it happen, or didn't it? Matt wonders if it's still going on for the people inside the time trap. Adam asks him if he wants to go back and find out. They laugh and drive away.

As they drive on, they pass an expensive car coming in the opposite direction. The car pulls up outside Highfield house. The driver introduces himself as Sir Joshua Litton, recently retired from the city, and looking for somewhere to live. Link, the butler shows him around the house, which is up for sale.

On the hill, the stones watch.