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Episode 1 : Into the Circle
Episode 2 : Circle of Fear
Episode 3 : Serpent In The Circle
Episode 4 : Narrowing Circle
Episode 5 : Charmed Circle
Episode 6 : Squaring The Circle
Episode 7 : Full Circle

Episode 6 - "Squaring The Circle"

Matt cannot feel them any more, he thinks they have lost them. Adam questions him some more but when he realises it is over, he stops the tape recorder.

Outside, the villagers are chanting again. In the dining room, Sandra and Margaret have been changed - they are happy ones. Hendrick sends them out to join the circle of villagers.

Back at the cottage, Adam is starting to have doubts. He wonders what can have happened, he plays the tape back to Matt. Margaret arrives, and wonders what has is going on. She says that they hadn't gone to Hendrick's house after all, that Sandra hadn't been feeling well. Adam is puzzled, but relieved. Matt goes to bed, he is not happy with the explanation. Adam plays the tape back to Margaret, and as she hears the description of the light she faints. Adam runs over to revive her, but she tells him that she is alright - perfectly happy. Adam is horrified.

The next day, Adam annouces that they are leaving. Mrs. Crabtree cannot believe it. But they are determined. Matt says that everything is packed except for the painting, he offers to go across to the museum to fetch it.

On the way, he sees Sandra talking to Hendrick outside the church. She is different. He shouts after her, and gives her back her scarf. Matt says that he isn't going to school, but doesn't tell her they are leaving. He tells her goodbye. She says she'll see him soon. When she is gone he decides to try and get into the church.

Back at the cottage, Margaret arrives with the painting, and tells Adam that she didn't want to miss them before they left. Adam asks her who told her they were leaving a second before he realises the trick. She didn't know they were leaving, but now she does. Adam changes the subject.

Matt still tries to get into the church. He find a hole, and slides through it into the church. Sandra is watching him from the bushes. Inside there is a large computer, flashing and whirring. Suddenly Hendrick appears. He wonders what Matt is doing in the church. Matt admits he's trespassing, and that he thought it was just a church. Hendrick shows him the computer, and then leads him back to his father.

Back at the cottage, Hendrick brings Matt in to Adam. Hendrick knows they are going too. Hendrick is disappointed that they wish to leave. Adam is determined. Matt asks Hendrick what exactly he is, a priest? Hendrick doesn't deny it. Hendrick says that he is leading the people. Adam throws the key on the table, and they are off.

They get into the car and drive away from the cottage. As they approach the edge of the circle, the stones seem to loom near the edge of the road. Matt remarks that it is the same way Dr Lyle came. Suddenly there is something in the road....

Matt wakes up in a dark room, a digital clock ticking on the mantlepiece. He puts the light on and wakes his father on the bed next to him. Adam remarks that they hit a sarsen on the road. Matt says it way grey, like a stone, but it was human, it was enormous - it was her. Mrs. Crabtree, could it be?

Hendrick enters the room. Hendrick says that Link the butler discovered them both unconscious in their car at the end of the avenue. Adam tells Hendrick that they have simply lost their way, not geographically, they missed the turning, the time turning. Hendrick pretends to be confused. Adam tell him that they hit something at the end of the avenue. Hendrick tells them to look out of the window - the car is there, wholly undamaged. Adam accuses Hendrick of being a magus, a scholar magician leading his people to beauty and truth. Hendrick says he is wrong. Dinner will be served in about 55 minutes. He leaves.

Matt says Dai said there was no way out of the circle. Adam thinks that is mumbo-jumbo, they are simply in a parallel time track, they must simply try to get back to their own time. There must be a way. Matt says there is no way out, and Adam tells him if there's a way in there's got to be a way out. Matt suggests the Sanctuary, and that there's nothing to stop them getting there. Looking out the window, Adam says that there is - the villagers have begun to ring the house.