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Episode 1 : Into the Circle
Episode 2 : Circle of Fear
Episode 3 : Serpent In The Circle
Episode 4 : Narrowing Circle
Episode 5 : Charmed Circle
Episode 6 : Squaring The Circle
Episode 7 : Full Circle

Episode 5 - "Charmed Circle"

Adam runs to Hendrick's house to telephone for help. The butler goes to get Hendrick, but Adam finds the phone for himself. When Hendrick arrives, he seems unconcerned about Dai's death. When Adam says he wants to call the police, Hendrick puts the phone down and asks Adam to show him the body.

Margaret and the two children discuss what happened to Dai. As they walk, they see the same stone back in its place inside the circle.

Hendrick and Adam arrive back, but the body has vanished. Adam doesn't understand.

Back at the museum, Matt spots the new stone in the old painting, but Margaret shows them that it isn't marked on the chart. Margaret asks Matt to count the number of people in the painting.

Back at Highfield House, Hendrick speaks to the butler. Hendrick reassures him that nothing was amiss. He wants to invite Mararet and Sandra to dinner that evening.

Matt finishes counting the figures in the painting, fifty-five. Maragert knew it. Adam arrives back and tells them that Dai's body has vanished. The can't believe it.

Matt shows them that the pieces of amulet from Dai fit exactly into the spaces in the fragmented amulet found under the sarsen so many years ago. As he completes the amulet, Matt gets another psychometric shock. He goes into trance and starts mumbling...

visitor... beginning... end... visitor... bright... shining... circle... people... village... priest... stones... power... beam... always...

Adam writes it down. Matt collapses.

They get him some water and Mat soon recovers, and askes to see what they had written down. Adam tries to work out what it can all mean... There's always power in the stones. A bright shining visitor... Adam remembers : a guest star - that's what a supernova used to be called in the olden days - Hendrick's Supernova.

Back at Highfield House, Hendrick is working out some calculations from a star chart. He asks the butler to run the figures though the computer.

In the pub, Adam still ponders over the meaning with Margaret. Adam now believes Matt's ability, and feels that Dr Lyle was stopped at the edge of the circle. Margaret agrees.

Meawhile, Sandra and Matt cannot find Dai at the barrow.

As Adam and Margaret leave, Hendrick appears in the pub and offers to buy them a drink, they refuse politlely. Adam asks Hendrick about the amulet, but Dai doesn't appear to know anything about it.

Back the the cottage Matt and Sandra suspect that Dai is gone forever. Mrs. Crabtree suggests some dinner but Matt wants to make a sandwich. Mrs. Crabtree says that they mustn't spoil Sandra's appetite, since she is going out to dinner that evening. Sandra wonders how she knows that.

Later, at the cottage, Margaret wonders how Mrs. Crabtree knew, because Hendrick hadn't even asked her at that time. Adam doesn't want her to go. He is afraid that something might happen to them. Adam thinks that the treatment happens at Hendrick's house. Margaret still wants to go. Adam makes her promise to come back to the cottage afterwards for a nightcap. As they leave, Matt steals Sandra's scarf to use a a psychic camera. Adam approves.

At Highfield House, Hendrick notices that his guests are late. But soon he hears them arrive. He recieves them and shows them around the house. Sandra notices the digital clocks around the house. Back at the cottage, Matt feels a twinge from the scarf. Adam makes him egg and chips for tea.

Hendrick shows the two into the dining room at the very top of the house. There is a huge table made of stone and huge stone chairs. Hendrick starts the meal.

Back at the cottage, Adam brings in the egg and chips. Matt feels another twinge from the scarf, so Adam turns on the tape recorder and asks Matt if he can see where they are. mat says he can see them in a dining room at the top of the house, and there is a digital clock. They are eating. Sandra is getting nervous. Outside people are chanting. Hendrick says that it's just the villagers. Margaret says it sounds as if the house was a temple and the table an altar. Hendrick just smiles.

Hendrick notices the time, and begins a ceremony.

'Anger the fire, fire of speech, breath of knowledge, render us free from harm, return to us the innocence that once we knew, complete the circle, make us at one with nature and the elements. It is time'

He spins around in his chair until his back is towards them, a hole opens in the ceiling and a white light appears.

Back at the cottage, Matt describes the energy, then collapses.