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Episode 1 : Into the Circle
Episode 2 : Circle of Fear
Episode 3 : Serpent In The Circle
Episode 4 : Narrowing Circle
Episode 5 : Charmed Circle
Episode 6 : Squaring The Circle
Episode 7 : Full Circle

Episode 4 - "Narrowing Circle"

They all go back to the cottage, where Margaret and Adam are concerned about the Happy Day syndrome. Dr Lyle is sceptical about the whole thing. Mrs Crabtree brings chocolate cake in for the children.

Matt notes that whatever happened to Jimmo and his father must have happened at the same time. They decide to keep their eyes open and stick together. Adam notes that there are two people not affected by the Happy Day phenomenon - Hendrick and Dai. Matt explains that Dai is safe at the Sanctaury. Hendrick is safe at the centre of the circle.

Dr Lyle says that he and Kevin have been invited up to Hendrick's house for dinner that evening, but explains that he has to go outside the village to visit an old client so had to turn him down. He and Kevin leave, and Matt sees that the doctor has left his gloves behind. On grabbing them, he feels a surge of energy.

Later, Adam and Margaret see Hendrick come out of the old deconsecrated church. Hendrick asks them if they enjoyed the village celebration. Margaret mentions Tom Browning's change of heart, and Hendrick seems delighted about it. Adam mentions the house and the barrier of ley-lines, Hendrick seems puzzled, dismisses it, and invites them to come to dinner soon.

That night, Dai is inside the barrow at the Sanctuary. He lights some candles, and eats some supper. He takes some old telling bones and tosses them on the ground. They fall in the shape of the serpent. He gathers them up and throws again. The winged serpent. He becomes scared and begins throwing wooden boards up against the entrance to the barrow.

Back at the cottage, Adam notices that Matt has Dr Lyle's gloves. Matt explains that they feel - funny - as if full of static. Adam can't feel anything. Matt puts one glove on, and suddenly he can see a vision. A vision of Dr Lyle coming out of his surgey, alone, and getting into his car. Driving off, and being pleased that he is getting out of the village. Driving towards the avenue, toards the edge of the circle. Suddenly there is something in the road, blocking the way. Then the vision is gone.

At the museum, Margaret explains to Adam that this talent is called Psychometry, the ability to tune into the vibrations of inanimate objects, to receive feelings, ideas and images from them. Adam thinks the shock of touching the stone is causing Matt to haullucinate. Margaret can feel nothing in the glove. Adam says that he called Dr Lyle on the phone but that there was no-one in. Margaret wonders if it really did happen, just as Matt described.

At the Sanctuary, Dai cannot sleep, but holds the amulet close to him. The telling bones are still on the floor in the shape of the winged serpent.

At the museum, Margaret explains that the amulet the children took a copy of is the same as some fragments found under one of the stones.

Next day, the three children run up to the barrow to find Dai. They find it barricaded up, but when Dai hears Matt and Matt passes though the drawing of the bike again, he takes down the boards. He is concerned at Kevin. Matt explains that he is one of them. Dai asks Kevin if he is. Kevin acts strangely and asks Dai for the amulet. Dai says 'never' and when he grasps for it in his pocket, it breaks. Dai runs screaming out of the barrow.

Back at the museum, Adam ponders the ley-lines again. There are fifty-three stones, fifty-three ley-lines. Margaret mentions that before Adam and Matt arrived there were fifty-three people in the village. Dr Lyle arrives, and Adam asks him what happened the previous night. He says that nothing happened, and is puzzled when Adam tells him about Matt's psychometry. Dr Lyle says that nothing stopped him at the edge of the circle. As he leaves, he wishes them Happy Day. Margaret and Adam can't believe what he just said.

Outside, the children follow Dai up onto the bank of earth around the stones. They see him collpase and roll down the other side. When they get there, they see a huge sarsen stone lying there - and no Dai. The stone has a serpent carved on it.

The children run back to the cottage to get Adam, but find only Dr Lyle. Matt asks him about the previous night, but the doctor denies it again. They decide to look elsewhere, but when Kevin goes to leave with them, Matt tells him to stop. They are sure now that he has had the treatment too. He tells Kevin that the teacher will be - happy - to see him. Lyle agrees.

They go into the post office to buy a postcard with a drawing of the carving on the font in the church. But the shopkeeper refuses to sell them it.

At the museum, they try to find the new stone on the drawing of the circle, but can't. Margaret recognises the place they are referring to as the spot where the barber surgeon had been found buried under a stone, but that the stone had been moved and re-erected inside the circle years before. They decide to go out to look.

When they arrive at the spot, there is no stone but Dai's body is lying there. Adam and Matt go down to look, and find his hand clutching the broken pieces of amulet.