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Episode 1 : Into the Circle
Episode 2 : Circle of Fear
Episode 3 : Serpent In The Circle
Episode 4 : Narrowing Circle
Episode 5 : Charmed Circle
Episode 6 : Squaring The Circle
Episode 7 : Full Circle

Episode 3 - "Serpent In The Circle"

Matt awakens back at the cottage with his dad shaking him. Dr Lyle is there in is pyjamas. Adam asks Matt what happened. The doctor does some sight tests,and concludes that there's no real damage, except for a cut head.

Matt explains that he heard Dai, came downstairs and heard a chanting sound, then he was flung against a stone, and as he touched it, he felt a pain, then nothing. Dr Lyle says he should have a good night's sleep, and asks Matt how he came to be found on the doorstep. Matt couldn't say.

Adam sees Dr Lyle to the door. The doctor explains how he is a recent arrival to the village, here for semi-retirement, but that the villagers are so healthy that Matt has been the first call out he has had.

Next day, Adam is sitting down to breakfast, and Dai appears at the window, asking after Matt. When Adam tells him Matt will be alright, Dai runs off. Matt appears, and Adam asks him about Dai and the night before. He calls in Mrs. Crabtree to make a breakfast for Matt, she touches his forehead and Matt pulls away. She leaves, and Matt explains that she was there the previous night, and that the people seemed possessed. Adam is not convinced at thinks perhaps Matt was sleepwalking.

Later at school, Matt takes Sandra aside and asks her what she meant when she said that 'we need new people' when they first met. She explains about the happy children, how they are like zombies or puppets. Matt asks her about Dai, and tells her that he said that if he ever needed sanctuary, he could go to him for help. Sandra laughs... no, if they ever neeeded help they could go to him at the Sanctuary, Linnet Barrow, outside the village and circle but still within the stones.

Later, Adam talks to Margaret about the painting, and asks if it really could be Milbury in earlier times. She says that there is some similarity, the stones, the hill. Adam puzzles over the significance of the beam of light turning people to stone, and the man and boy escaping to the Sanctuary. He explains that Matt saw a ring of people holding hands. Margaret says that it is known as clipping the church, and old custom. Adam says that according to Matt, those people were nowhere near the church.

A telegram arives at the cottage, and Mrs Crabtree hides it.

At the school, the teacher gives the happy children some complicated mathematics work to do, and makes sarcastic comments about the others not being able to do it. Jimmo puts up his hand, and answers the question, chalking the answer on the blackboard. The teacher is delighted and makes room for him with the other children at the high table. Sandra looks at Matt anxiously.

Meanwhile, out at the stones, Adam is making measurements when Margaret arrives. He has just made an extraordinary find. When Margaret asks what, he shows her by throwing a horseshoe against the rock, where it sticks. He explains that the only way the rocks could be showing this sort of magnetic force is if some powerful energy has flowed through them very recently.

Back at the school, Kevin, Sandra and Matt wonder what happened to Jimmo to make him an Einstein suddenly. They wonder who will get the treatment next. Dai raps on the window, and explains that he saved Matt the night before. Dai explains that he feels that the circle is a maze, and at the centre, the treasure of knowledge. He shows them an amulet which he says protects him. Sandra wants to show it to her mother, but Dai doesn't want to let it out of his sight. The children make a crayon rubbing of it.

Back at the museum, Margaret recognises it as a pagan serpent. She says that the serpent has special significance in the village, with the solar serpent and the carving on the font in the church.

Adam arives in the pub and Hendrick is there, he offers to buy him a drink. Hendrick hands Adam the telegram, and asks about it. Adam explains that he had telegrammed Mount Palomar observatory asking if there was anything on the alignment path of the stones, and how they had replied saying that there was a black hole there. Hendrick laughs and lets him into the secret that he is Raphael Hendrick, the discoverer of the black hole - Hendrick's Supernova. Hendrick explains that he retired to this village because of a historical text which tells of a sighting of the supernova in ancient times. Adam laughs at the primitive cave dweller who saw Hendrick's supernova. Hendrick suddenly becomes silent and angry. He tells Adam that according to legend, he was a visionary and a great man. Adam begs is pardon, in jest, and Hendrick warns him that he would be very wise to do so.

Later there is a morris dance out in the stones. Everyone in the village is there, and Margaret notices that Tom Browning, Jimmo's father is in the dance. She is puzzled because he always said he hated those sorts of anachronisms. At the height of the dance a boy is raised up onto the shoulders of the other dancers. The children are shocked to see that it is Jimmo.