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Episode 1 : Into the Circle
Episode 2 : Circle of Fear
Episode 3 : Serpent In The Circle
Episode 4 : Narrowing Circle
Episode 5 : Charmed Circle
Episode 6 : Squaring The Circle
Episode 7 : Full Circle

Episode 2 - "Circle of Fear"

Matt gets up from his bike crash and begins shouting at the old poacher. The poacher is surprised, realising that Matt is not a happy one, and introduces himself as Dai, telling Matt to come to the Sanctuary if ever he needs help.

Adam recovers from his shock back in the cottage. While Margaret gets him a whisky, he thinks back over what had happened, but can only recall fleeting images. He questions Margaret about what she meant 'the kind of man I think you are'. She explains that she thought he was slightly psychic, and was testing it out. Adam prefers to explain the phenomenon in terms of electro-magnetism. Margaret is not convinced. While he is explaining, he has another flashback. Matt arrives home, and the two rush to see what has happenned to him, but he tells them he only fell off his bike.

Later, Adam and Matt begin lugging their equipment out into the stones. Matt wonders why the stones don't look upright, and wanders off to inspect the other stones, while Adam sets up the equipment. While wandering, he finds a rabbit in a wire snare, obviously Dai's work. Matt releases the rabbit, and draws a scribble of a broken bike on a sheet from his notepad and leaves it there instead, as a message to Dai. Adam shouts at Matt to hurry up.

Later, Matt is alone at the cottage building a theodolite, when Dai appears at the window, clutching the sheet of paper complaining that Matt had let his supper go. Matt invites him in to eat some of the food he has there. As he eats, Dai sees what Matt has been building, and advises him on surveying, since he used to be a miner. When Matt tells him he wants to survey the circle Dai becomes serious and says 'Dont meddle with the stones' 'Leave the stones alone' Matt asks Dai for his telescope to complete the theodolite. Dai gives him it, and when Matt mentions that they have a lot of work to do before they leave, Dai becomes silent. 'leave? Leave the stones? You never will!' Matt is sceptical, but a little worried.

Later Adam mentions to Matt that there is a rock dish under the ground found by his measurements, with the stones at the perimeter. He is puzzled. Also, there is no alignment of the stones with either the sun or the moon. Matt mentions that using his theodolite, he has found that none of the stones are actually leaning at all. Adam is surprised, maybe all the stones are pointing upwards?

Discussing it later with Margaret at the Museum, Adam puzzles over what the dish and stones can be pointing at up there. There is nothing marked on his charts for the position. Matt goes to the post office with a telegram for Mount Palomar observatory from his father.

Later, Matt discusses it with his father in his room. Adam asks how Matt is doing at school. Matt becomes touchy. Adam asks what it is, and Matt explains that some of the children seem really brilliant at maths, but they seem strangely quiet. Adam dismisses it, laughing. Adam tells matt he is taking Margaret to the pub for an hour. Matt mentions ley-lines, and Adam dismisses it again. Matt shows his a drawing he has made, plotted with ley-lines leading up to the circle. He draws continuations of the lines, and they describe a smaller circle inside the larger circle - around Highfield House.

At the museum, Margaret expains that Highfield House belongs to Hendrick. They speculate about what it can mean, and if Hendrick knows about it. Adam mentions that the pub was closed, and in fact the whole village being empty. Margaret says 'now you know what I mean about feeling alone'

Back in the room, Matt peers through his telescope, and as he sits there, the painting falls off the wall. He replaces it, and sits back down. A stone comes through his open window, and it has the bike drawing wrapped around it. Matt shouts for Dai out the window. Back at the museum, Margaret and Adam continue to speculate what it all means. The quiet village has happenned several times in the past. Matt runs out of the house, and can hear a strange chanting. He runs along beside the stones to find out what it is, and suddenly through the mist, he sees all the villagers in a ring around Highfield House. Suddenly, Dai grabs him, and forces his hand against a rock. Matt is wracked with pain.