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Peter Demin Emails

The Peter Demin Emails
In 1998, I received the following email out of the blue:

Dear James,

Seeing that you were a really keen fan of the 70s cult program "Children of the Stones" I feel that its only fair to update your page on the actor P Demin?

In 1968 he appeared as one of the many children used in Oliver with Jack Wilde? From 1968 to 1974 Peter appeared in more than 40 commercials including 7 curlywurly adverts with Terry Scott,and live BBC shows such as Get some In, the Good life, and the Tommy Cooper Show. From 1974 to 1978 he also appeared in the stage shows Joseph with Tim Curry/ Carry on London with Sid James and Barbara Windsor and the carry on crew / Babes in the wood with Peter Buterworth/ and toured canada as pip in Great Expectations with John Mills and Lesley Anne Down. Peter also appeared in a Childrens Foundation Film as Robin Hood,The Unbroken Arrow the follow up to Keith Chegwins Robin Hood film.

Hope this is of Interest.

Peter Demin.

Of course I was interested! But suspicious me had to ask if this was the real Peter or someone masquerading as he, or a coincidental name (since Peter Demin is a stage name, his real name is Peter Clements) Remember, this was the height of the internet spoofing fun and games, and nobody could really be trusted online. So I asked him, and he replied:

Yes, I am the real Peter Demin.

And I think, Its only fair to respond to your web page, as thanks to people such as yourself "children of the stones" was so successful.

In reply to your e-mail regarding interviewing, at this stage I would rather just reply to some questions you would like to ask?


P.s I do not spend alot of time on the Internet, so I`ll reply whenever possible.

Unfortunately I never did follow up on these emails, and I never got back in touch to do the proper questions and possible interview. I didn't even update his section in the Cast & Crew section with the information he had provided.

At least with the resurrection of this site, I have now rectified that omission, and if you are still out there Peter and still would like to answer questions and can spare some time, please get in touch.