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30 March 2013
We have re homed 3 ex battery hens from Fresh Start For Hens. They are in very good condition, apart from their very over grown nails. They've been named Faith, Hope and Charity.
25 Jan 2012I
I discovered a large tumour on Phoenix the blue/buff Brahma's wing this morning, sadly she had to be pts as there was nothing the Vet could do.
RIP Phoenix 9th May 2010 - 25th January 2012
22 Nov 2011
I have another beautiful bantam Wyandotte, she's blue laced and named Lexi. She hatched on 30th March 2011.
17 Nov 2011
Another couple of Brahma arrivals from Nannette, a gold/buff girl aged 16 wks named Indiana & an 18 week old splash girl called Atlanta.
4 Nov 2011
After being ill for a couple of weeks, Cheyenne our silver laced Wyandotte was pts today. Looked like she had an internal tumour.
RIP Cheyenne 25th April 2010 - 4 th Nov 2011
12 July 2011
We sadly lost Angel the last of our first 4 hens today, she was the leader of the girls and such a wonderful character. Sleep well Angel Oct 2007-12th July 2011
1 May 2011
We collected 2 new girls today from Milton Keynes, a very cute frizzle Pekin and a black Silkie. They're both very sweet, are 6 months old and have been named Ocean & Isis.
22 March 2011
We have 2 new arrivals, 6 week old buff Wyandottes from Cathy. They've been named Saffron & Fleur.
9 March 2011
Our young blue Brahma girl, Dusk suffered a massive prolapse laying her first egg, despite the vet's help she had to be pts. RIP Dusk 23rd June 2010-9th March 2011
16 Feb 2011
It's been 3 years today since we got our first hens :-)
14 Feb 2011
Jessica our rescue black Brahma was pts today. She had been suffering from a respiratory infection and was on her 3rd course of antibiotics when she took a turn for the worst. RIP Jessica (arrived) 15th June 2010-14th Feb 2011
10 Feb 2011
We were so upset to find Souffle dead in the coop this morning. She had been sneezing the day before and I'd started her on some antibiotics, but seems she was much worse than we had first thought. RIP Souffle 23rd May 2010-10th Feb 2011
6 Jan 2011
Souffle our little bantam Wyandotte laid her first egg today!
25 Nov 2010
Today we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have our little April pts. She was only 7 months old, our first and only hatched chick, and had an aggressive tumour. RIP April 9th April 2010-25th Nov 2010
18 Oct 2010
Sadly we lost Scarlett today. She was one of our original 4 hens and will be missed from the flock as head hen. RIP Scarlett Oct 2007-18th Oct 2010.
1 Sept 2010
Niamh & I spent a lovely day visiting my friend Nannette in Norfolk.She has some lovely chicks and we came home with a blue Brahma (Dusk) & a salmon Faverolle (Summer), they are both 10 weeks old and really pretty.
16 Aug 2010
Mystica our dark Brahma has been ill for several weeks, ending up with an impacted crop over the last week. She was too ill to operate on, so the Vet tried his best. Sadly she had to be pts today. RIP Mystica 9th May 2009-16th Aug 2010
9 April 2010
We have a little chick hatched in the incubator, a little crossbred LegbarxAraucana/light Sussex. She's been called April and if it's a girl will lay blue eggs.
16 Feb 2010
It's exactly 2 years since getting our first hens. It's gone so fast and we still have 2 of our original 4 girls :-)
15 Feb 2010
Sadly Savannah is still having crop problems. This time it's sour crop, so she's on antibiotics for 10 days.
18 Jan 2010
Savannah our gold Brahma had an operation on her crop after it became impacted when she ate some straw.
13 Jan 2010
We have a new arrival from The Hen House in Eye, her name is Cinnamon and she's a beautiful LF buff Orpington.
30 Dec 2009
Sadly after being ill for several weeks with no improvement, Carly our last ex battery hen was put to sleep by the Vet.
RIP Carly 4th May 2008-30th Dec 2009
12 Nov 2009
Both Angel & Georgia have started moulting, they've both stopped laying and look a bit of a fright!
30 Aug 2009
We added 2 new Brahmas thanks to my friend in Norfolk. They are 16 weeks old, and have been named Phoenix & Mystica.
23 Aug 2009
We came home from holiday to the sad news that Misty our Silkie had to be PTS by the Vet after suddenly coming down with a virus (suspected Marek's disease)RIP Misty 17/8/2008-20/8/2009
20 July 2009
Our young Brahma, Phoebe has an infection and is on some antibiotics. She's lost weight, but has started eating again and is looking a bit better.
14 June 2009
We got 2 new pullets today, a silver Brahma & a splash Orpington. They are 16 weeks old, and have been named Phoebe & Monica.
14 May 2009
Luna our miniature buff Orpington came down with a chest infection very suddenly, the vet gave her some antibiotics, but sadly she had a fit and died in my arms. RIP Luna 29/3/08 - 14/5/09
11 May 2009
Star our Columbine and one of our original 4 hens was found dead in the coop today. She hadn't been ill, so it was a very sudden loss. RIP Star.
4 May 2009
Mistletoe's eggs failed to hatch, so we bought her 2 female day old Welsummer chicks. She's delighted with them, and has taken to them really well. See the gallery for pics!
8 April 2009
Mistletoe the Silkie started sitting on some Brahma hatching eggs today, in 3 weeks time she may have her first chicks to look after.
3 April 2009
Savannah our gold Brahma laid her first egg today! She's our youngest hen, and that just leaves Misty to lay now.
14-16 March 2009
We moved the hens in together, and sectioned off the bottom of the garden with aviary panels.We added Coroline roofing, and gravel. They now have a large area to themselves.
15 March 2009
Georgia our Brahma laid her first egg today.
11 March 2009
Our little Silkie girl, Mistletoe laid her first egg today. She moved into the shed with the big girls 2 days ago, and seems to really like it there.
18 Feb 2009
Luna our Miniature buff Orpington laid her first egg today, she's almost 11 months old, so really took her time!
12 Feb 2009
Carly our ex battery hen has been struggling in the cold weather and has stopped eating, so has been moved into the warmth of the living room. Hopefully a few days pampering will do her good.
3 Feb 2009
We decided to get another Brahma hen for company for Savannah.We went to Poplars Poultry to have a look, and came home with a 29 week old buff pyle hen. She's been named Georgia, and has settled in well.
1 Jan 2009
I had a tempting email from my poultry friend in Norfolk with an 18 week old Brahma girl for sale! So we have a new arrival to live with the silkies. We've called her Savannah, and she's a beautiful gold Brahma.
21 Dec 2008
We managed to find Niamh another Silkie girl from a breeder in Norfolk.She's been named Mistletoe, and is a 6 month old black bearded girl.
15 Dec 2008
Raisin the Silkie started crowing this morning! Quite a shock as we thought he was a girl.Sadly, he was returned to his breeder.
26-29 Oct 2008
Niamh wanted some silkies for her birthday, and after a long search we got a 10 week old blue girl that she called Misty, closely followed 3 days later by two 14 week old black silkie girls, Raisin & Inca.
13 Oct 2008
Poor Hilary our ex battery hen was put to sleep today. She went downhill over the weekend, and the Vet discovered a tumour, so we had to let her go.
R.I.P Hilary
9 Sept
Hilary has recovered well, and moved back into the coop with the others.
1 Sept 2008
Hilary has been very ill and went to the Vet today. She stopped eating and was very miserable. She has Enteritis, and has antibiotics and probiotic to take. She has to be syringe fed until she gets her strength back. She's in isolation in the spare coop.
29 Aug
We converted the shed and built a walk in run for the 5 original hens.We fitted an automatic door opener & timer to it today, and the hens moved in. The 5 new Orpies have moved into the original hen house which also has an auto door & timer.
2 Aug 2008
We have 5 new arrivals. They are all miniature buff Orpingtons. We have named them Luna,Willow,Phoenix,Ginny & Paleface. They came from a breeder in London and they are 18 weeks old.
26 July 2008
We very sadly lost our mini buff Orpington Buffy today. It was such a shock. She appears to have suffered heat exhaustion after trying to lay during the hottest part of the day. R.I.P Buffy Oct 2007-26 July 2008
2 June 2008
We fitted an automatic door opener & timer to the coop, it opens at 6am to let the hens out, and closes at dusk. This will put our minds at rest when we go away for the day, and also gives us a lie in at weekends!
22 May
Angel had her first trip to the Vet today. She has a mild infection, and has been given some antibiotics ( Marbocyl) to clear it up. She should be fine, only a slight cold and diarrhoea.
4 May 2008
Today we rehomed 2 ex battery hens from North London Rescue, they are so lovely, and we have called them Carly & Hilary. We decided to name them after the 2 ladies who rescued them.
19 April
We noticed a small lump on Scarlett's beak, and this morning she had a small chip on the tip of her beak. We went back to her breeder to let him have a look at her. It seems she has cut herself trying to peck through the wire, and it is nothing to worry about.
2 April 2008
Angel laid a really huge egg today, our first double yolker!
23 Mar
Scarlett laid her first egg on Easter Sunday, giving us our first clutch of 4 eggs on Easter. Pictures here.
19 Mar
Buffy laid her first egg! It was a pinky brown egg, though she preferred to sit on Star's blue egg instead of her own. Picture of the egg here.
1 Mar 2008
The building of the new extension to the chicken run is finished! See the building of it here and here or click Building the Coop on the left menu.
29 Feb
After deciding they needed more run room, we started building the extension to the chicken run! See the plans here or click Building the Coop on the left menu.
25 Feb
The vets trip to get wings clipped has been cancelled. They are behaving fine in the garden, so we'll delay the wing clipping until one of them commits the crime!
23 Feb
Angel, the White Star hybrid, laid her first egg this morning! See pictures here.
22 Feb
The hens were let out into the garden for the first time today, apart from a few flutters, they all returned ok to the coop. Video here.
22 Feb 2008
I replaced the roosting perch we had (a branch from the woods) with a 3 spar wooden one which is more securely attached. Rough bark was added to the base of the run